The Climate

Any time of year is a good time to stay at Ndaka Safari Lodge, as each season in the bush brings its own wonders.

Spring and Summer are our rainy seasons, but the rain is always welcome!

(December to February)
Average minimum: 22 °C
Average maximum: 34 °C

Expect intense heat in the daytime, with occasional thunderstorms in the afternoon. Enjoy a dip in the pool to cool off, or just chill under a shady tree in the garden. Vegetation is dense and lush from the Summer rains, and the bush teems with newborn animals. Bird watching is a treat, as many colourful migratory birds return to the Reserve.

(March to May)
Average minimum: 16 °C
Average maximum: 28 °C

At the end of the Summer rains, the water holes and dams are full. Temperatures begin to drop at night, and the vegetation shows off with contrasts of colour – from the golden grasses to the green acacia trees.

(June to August)
Average minimum: 6 °C
Average maximum: 24 °C

With pleasant daytime temperatures, we take the roofs off the game viewing vehicles. Nights are cold, but visibility in the bush is good, making Winter an excellent time for game viewing.

(September to November)
Average minimum: 16 °C
Average maximum: 30 °C

The dull bush changes to lively green vegetation at the start of the rainy season. Temperatures are pleasant – expect a hot day or two. TIA – This is Africa!